12 Jun 2019

Grand opening Newday Almere

Guests are welcomed with uplifting music and a healthy juice at the grand opening of Newday Almere. Club Manager Patricia is busy giving tours through the building, because everyone is curious about the brand new office. While glasses are clinking, guests are chatting about how nice it would be to work at Newday Offices themselves.

Welcome at Newday Almere
According to Krijn Hogenbirk, CEO Newday Offices, everything at Newday is about energy and keeping focus. This is also the opinion of Jochem Uytdehaage who agrees that energy, focus and a healthy environment are crucial for the best performance. City councilor Maaike Veeningen says that she is happy with the arrival of Newday Offices Almere and she emphasizes that Almere is ‘the most SME-friendly city of the Netherlands’.

Happiness at work with Jochem Uytdehaage
Olympic speed skater Jochem Uytdehaage opens his workshop for Newday with the question: ‘What did you do to increase your own happiness today?’ He stresses the importance of having fun in the things you do.

You can make the real difference if you are able to focus, whether it is while sporting or during an office day. Uytdehaage tells us not to worry, this is a skill you can train. When staying in a gray and stuffy hotel in Moskou, he also experienced the critical importance of the environment you are in. The stuffy hotel had adversely affected his mood and with that his performance. ‘’Environment is crucial, for your performance and simply for your own happiness’’.

People tend to forget what makes them happy in between activities. While what you do in between is what is decisive. Like getting enough sleep, especially when you think there is not enough time. Jochem’s advise is to keep asking yourself the following question on a daily basis: ‘What have I done today that benefits my vitality and energy?’ What makes me happy? Spend at least 15 minutes to evaluate this question, also in your work. Go to a relaxation room to relax, go socialize and drink a really good coffee.

Everyone is welcome
The tours through the building are done for now, however as far as Club Manager Patricia is concerned this is not for long: ‘A successful opening, filled with energy, exactly as our work places are meant to be. We invite those who are curious to come and have a look. We are happy to give a tour and we have drinks here every Friday at 16:00h.; non-tenants are welcome too’’.

Everything fort he ideal working day
Newday Offices Almere, P.J. Oudweg 41, offers over 500 working places and is aimed at allowing tenants – SMEs and corporates – to get the best out of their working day. Almere is the ninth and newest location of Newday Offices. Book a tour with one of our Club Managers if you want to come and see what Newday Offices can do for you.