04 Apr 2019

Get the best out of your workday at Newday Offices

Newday Offices offers workspaces at a number of locations in the Netherlands. Attractive spaces at keen rates with personal service from our club managers. It is their job to ensure that you always have everything you need and that you can work efficiently every day. Not only do they receive your guests with a smile, but they’re also always there when you need them. With a tasty cup of coffee, a healthy lunch or a clear answer. Experience Newday Offices yourself and discover the value of real service.


A good workday is one of those days when everything just seems to go as smoothly as it can. A day when your energy is optimised and when you can find time to work without stress. Our club managers are trained specially to facilitate this. They serve as the point of contact for all your questions. Questions about lunch, how to book a meeting room or receiving your guests. The club manager knows what you need to do and can arrange it for you. View the Newday Offices locations and meet your future club manager.

Fresh &

The better the fuel, the better the workday. That’s why every Newday location has a bar offering fresh juices and smoothies. And every day we serve a healthy, delicious lunch that is also very affordable. Tasty and quick coffee is always freely available. Would you prefer a latte macchiato? We can arrange that for a give-away price.


All our locations have an attractive entrance and modern workspaces surrounding a convivial central hall. We offer small and isolated workspaces for utmost concentration or comfortable and spacious ones for a constructive meeting. We have created the ideal workspace for every situation.

Would you like to book a meeting room? In our app you simply choose the room that suits your needs – formal, informal, large or small – and book it immediately. This costs nothing extra. At other Newday Offices locations, you can book a meeting room five times for free, after which you can book them with a 50% discount.

Transparent rates, clear

Newday Offices charges a fixed monthly rent for a standard office unit for each location. Would you prefer a unit customised to your preferences? We can arrange that based on a long-term lease.

As we have carefully considered most customers’ wishes in advance, we are able to make clear agreements regarding your needs. And as a result of our optimized planning and organization, we are also able to offer all of our workspaces at very affordable prices. With no small print or hidden costs to deal with later.

Where do you want to work?

Each new day offers opportunities to do things differently and better. An oft-heard complaint is the time wasted sitting in traffic. Something that is no longer necessary since Newday Offices has high quality workspaces throughout the Netherlands that are always very accessible. 10 locations spread across the entire country, always near a highway and accessible by public transport so that you can get the most out of your workday. Wherever you want to work.

Check our newest locations

Newday Offices is growing! In June, a brand-new location will be officially opened in Almere and Newday is opening a new location in Amsterdam in September. But our ambitions go further: all of the Netherlands deserves a workspace with good service and a smile. To find out more about the possibilities, get in touch with Jeroen van Eck via 06 24 14 55 24 or send us an email.

Newday Offices in Amsterdam Zuid

NOW OPEN Newday Offices Amsterdam Zuid


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Hans Warnaar

Media Value
For me, Newday Offices is a flexible and pleasant office solution that comes with all facilities and conveniences I could wish for with a positive vibe.
Homepage 2

Rob Aalders

CEO Rob Aalders Coaching
I chose Newday Offices because they offer a great combination of professionalism and a homely atmosphere.
Homepage 3

Rick Kuijpers

COO Flexpower Europe
In addition to fun people and excellent facilities, Newday Offices also provides me with the most important thing of all: delicious coffee to start the day.
Homepage 4

Joost Riphagen

CEO Door Training & Coaching
Every office building is built of stone; at NEWDAY it’s the people who make the place.
Homepage 5

Bart de Cloe

Kieboom Training & Coaching
Because this building belongs to no one person, it belongs to all of us.
Homepage 6

Niels van Renselaar

CEO Codely
Newday gives me the space and dynamism that I want as an entrepreneur. Easily accessible for my customers. A fine atmosphere in which to work and grow.
Homepage 7

Eelke Arjaans

Co founder Bookya
Bookya has chosen Newday Almere because it can totally identify with the innovative, creative and transparent vision the organisation radiates from every nook and cranny.
Homepage 8

Arjan Ribbe

Founder HUNT. Amsterdam
Newday Offices is the most customer-friendly office formula in Europe.
Homepage 9

Mattijs Kaak

Partner DITT Officemakers
Newday Offices, finally a truly innovative and refreshing office concept. They have convinced me in any case!

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04 Apr 2019

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Want to visit some time?

You are more than welcome! We would be pleased to show you around one of our locations. And, of course, to answer any questions you may have about our locations, our service provision and all the various possibilities. Leave a message here and one of our club managers will contact you as soon as possible.