Newday Amsterdam Zuid

A new location! Amsterdam Zuid

Newday Amsterdam Zuid

  • Newday Offices in the heart of Amsterdam
  • Located at the Apollolaan
  • Near hotels, shops and public transport
  • Can be easily reached from the A10 ring road
  • With an underground car park
  • Fresh juices, healthy lunch and delicious coffee

A brand-new Newday Offices branch is currently being developed on an A1 location. In the autumn of 2019, Newday Offices will open a new location at Apollolaan, opposite the Hilton Amsterdam. The new location has over 5,000 sq.m. of office space over 6 floors. The Newday Café, as well as some of the meeting rooms and isolated workspaces, can be found on the ground floor. The Club Manager is a familiar face at Newday Offices, both for the tenants as well as their guests.

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Our Club Manager is a familiar face at the reception desk at Apollolaan, making everyone feel welcome every day. She will gladly help you book a meeting room or when you have specific lunch requirements. The Club Manager is always on hand to answer your questions, receive your guests with a smile and direct them to the right room. Newday Offices believes in the power of personal service and our Club Managers help us realise this.

Fresh &

Our Newday location at Apollolaan has a fully-equipped coffee bar with barista. Kick off your workday with a strong espresso, recharge your batteries with a frothy cappuccino, or simply catch up with other entrepreneurs. We serve a fresh, affordable lunch on the ground floor. With healthy juices, of course!


Like all other Newday offices, our location at Apollolaan also has an attractive entrance and modern workspaces surrounding the central hall. We always have a workspace for every situation. Would you like to book a meeting room? Use our app. Choose the room that suits your needs – formal, informal, large or small – and book it immediately. Without additional charge! What’s more, you can book a meeting room five times a month (for 2 hours) for free at all other Newday Offices locations in the Netherlands. After this, you will receive a 50% discount on every booking.


Everyone likes transparent and sharp rates. Which is why Newday Offices charges a fixed monthly rent for a standard office unit. Would you prefer a unit that is customised to your preferences? No problem! We can arrange this for long-term leases. Clear agreements and affordable rates. With no small print or hidden charges. Newday in a nutshell! We will gladly discuss your wishes and the available options with you.

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Newday Offices is growing fast! At this moment the Newday Club has 10 locations and we are regularly adding new ones. Our objective is to create even more nice workspaces in the Netherlands, ensuring that our tenants can get the most out of their workday. Every day. To find out more, call Jeroen van Eck at + 31 (0)6 24 14 55 24 or send an e-mail.

Flexible workspaces available at the Amsterdam Zuid

NOW OPEN Amsterdam Zuid
Every day a friendly face to say 'Goodmorning'.

Your Clubmanager

Starting every day with a smile, that is what Newday is!

For our recently opened Newday Apollolaan, located in the city centre of Amsterdam, we are looking for a new ClubManager. Are you a customer oriented multi-talent, who has a passion for organizing and creating structure and who is keen to work in a dynamic environment? Then we are looking for you! Interested to find out more? Please get in contact with Jeroen van Eck via phone or e-mail.



Newday Offices Apollolaan will open soon!

Newday Offices Amsterdam Apollolaan, at number 151, will open it's doors soon. Curious, and want to have a look inside? Please feel welcome. We will guide you and tell you all you need to know about our services, possibilities and the real estate planning. Please leave your name and number, we will contact shortly.