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What makes your business successful? Amongst other things; expertise, professionalism and focus. The latter brings us into the picture, focus. Most businesses are compelled to spend a lot of time on peripheral matters such as their internet connection, coffee machines, maintenance, the list is endless. All this time is precious time. Time that you’d be better off investing in your business. And that is exactly where we come into the picture, because at Newday Offices, unburdening is paramount! Our motto is therefore, “you do business, we do the rest!”.

Newday Offices Amsterdam Zuid

Newday Offices offers fully serviced office and workspaces at various locations throughout The Netherlands and is the place to meet for everyone! Representative office spaces at competitive rates with our Clubmanagers’ personal service. They make sure you’ll want for nothing, so that every day is a productive day. Not just by welcoming guests with a smile, but by being at your beck and call. With that much needed cup of coffee, a healthy lunch or simply a clear answer. Experience Newday Offices yourself and find out how nice it is to hire a fully serviced office space.

Our story

Newday Offices, a fact since 2019, is the result of the acquisition of Ovvice and Atoomclub by Stadium Capital Partners and Angelo Gordon in 2018. Newday Offices has 14 locations in 10 cities: Almere, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Den Bosch, Nieuwegein, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle.

Our mission

Personalisation, professionalism and flexibility are the spearheads on which we continue to develop. At Newday Offices it is this flexibility that makes our product relevant to today’s office seeker. By sitting at the table with the tenant in the role of both building owner and landlord, we are able to deliver tailored solutions for the realization of everyone’s clubhouse. At present, our portfolio consists of 14 locations, our objective is to double these nationally, with the focus on the metropolitan areas.

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